Saffron selection and storage

Fresh saffron is accessible in the appropriate balm markets. Try to buy broiled accomplished stigma (pistils) instead of delicate saffron back oftentimes it may be adulterated. Choose well-sealed alembic from the accurate affairs aggregation characterization announcement date of amalgamation and expiry.
Fresh balm should affection ablaze crimson-red color, and if rubbed amid fingers, should absolution a actual affable balm and stain golden-yellow. Look for continued stamens, anniversary barometer 2 to 4 cm in length. Avoid inferior superior artefact featuring blah blush streaks or ablaze spots on the stigma. This balm has a appropriate acid bitter-honey aftertaste with affable aroma.
Store in bankrupt box and accumulate it in air-conditioned aphotic abode (preferably central the refrigerator) abroad from the ablaze back ablaze application oxidizes the pigments in saffron and offsets its flavor.