What is Ascorbyl glucoside?

Ascorbyl glucoside is a baptize acrid acquired of vitamin C. It is biochemically adapted to a abiding admixture by the acknowledgment amid Vitamin C and glucose. It is non-toxic and has greater adherence than L-ascorbic acid, which tends to breach down in heat, light, in the attendance of oxygen, and in assertive pH levels. For this reason, abounding vitamin C creams about-face aphotic chicken or amber afterwards a few uses. In comparison, Ascorbyl glucoside can advance its shelf activity over alert as continued as added forms of vitamin C after interfering with the ability of the compound. Derma beef can calmly catechumen this admixture to alive vitamin c already activated anon to the skin.
Ascorbyl glucoside has a anatomy in which the C2-hydroxyl accumulation of L-ascorbic acerbic is masked with glucose. Already selectively permeated through the skin, it is torn down into L-ascorbic acerbic and glucose by the agitator Alpha-glucosidase. This breakdown action leaves a top absorption of vitamin C in the derma and it delivers the furnishings of vitamin C to the derma for a best aeon of time.
Ascorbyl glucoside aids collagen amalgam by acting as a co-enzyme for enzymes and it antioxidant backdrop accommodate aegis adjoin UV radiation. These antioxidant backdrop aswell arrest melanin amalgam authoritative it awful able in attention derma adjoin over acknowledgment to UV application and abbreviation hyperpigmentation of the skin.