Myrrh Gum

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Myrrh Gum

Description:Myrrh Gum is a large shrub (or small tree) that is indigenous to Northeast Africa, and it is collected in southern Arabia and Iran.  The part of this plant used medicinally is the resin, and Myrrh was an important trade item in ancient times.  Myrrh is mentioned in the Bible, and was used as a wine preservative in the ancient world.  It was also used by Egyptians in embalming mixtures and was considered an aromatic for perfumes, funerals and insect repellents.  Ancient Greek and Roman physicians used the herb to treat wounds and prescribed it internally as a digestive aid and uterine stimulant to promote menstruation.  It was also used as a remedy for numerous infections, including leprosy and syphilis.  It is used today as an aid to repel tooth decay and gum disease.


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