Myelin basic protein

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Myelin basic protein

Description:Myelin basic protein (MBP) is a protein believed to be important in the process of myelination of nerves in the central nervous system (CNS).MBP was initially sequenced in 1971 after isolation from myelin membranes.Since that time, knockout mice deficient in MBP that showed decreased amounts of CNS myelination and a progressive disorder characterized by tremors, seizures, and early death have been developed. The human gene for MBP is on chromosome 18;[2] the protein localizes to the CNS and to various cells of the hematopoietic system.The pool of MBP in the central nervous system is very diverse, with several splice variants being expressed and a large number of post-translational modifications on the protein, which include phosphorylation, methylation, deamidation, and citrullination.In melanocytic cell types, MBP gene expression may be regulated by MITF.


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