Paris quadrifolia

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Paris quadrifolia

Description:Paris quadrifolia is a narcotic, perennial herb in the lily family. It can be harvested while its flowers are blooming, to be used in homeopathic medicine or herbal remedies. Almost every part of the plant can be used in some way. The seeds and berries can be crushed into an ointment that soothes skin and cools inflammation. The root can be powdered and added to water to help colic. If eaten, the leaves and berries can be used in place of ipecac to help induce vomiting, if something poisonous has been ingested — arsenic or mercury, for example — and needs to be expelled from the body.This plant has also been used as an aphrodisiac. Since the berries and seeds are powerfully narcotic, they can have a temporary positive effect on the user's mood. In Russia, the leaves are sometimes recommended for people suffering from madness or depression. The opiate-like effect is also the reason the plant is used in homeopathy to treat headaches, backaches, vertigo, and tremors. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not take Paris quadrifolia in any form.


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