Nourishing and whitening series

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Nourishing and whitening series

Product Description:
Greenlem whitening & nourishing skin care set Specification:
ONE : peach blossom whitening and refreshing face cleaning gel.
Efficiency:pure and mild nature.
Effectively remove dirt and color makeup from face, special formula, contain peach blossom natural whitening essence and vitamin E, retain natrual water and make skin smooth and with delicious scent of peach blossom.
Usage:use in the morning and evening, dispense proper amount onto palm, extend it onto face ,gently massage skin for 2-3 minutes using spiral movement and then rinse off with clear water,
Caution:for external use only, keep away from children,store under shade and dry enviroment.
Availability:applicable for any skin.
TWO : Peach blossom whitening and purifying skin toner.
Efficiency:balance skin PH value,keep skin refreshing and moist, constantly replenish water,protect skin from rough and droopy, and the peach blossom essenc extract can make skin smooth,firm,moist and bright.
Usage:use in the morning and wvening apply proper amount to wipe the face ourwards and upwards with cosmetic cotton or gently pat face.
Caution:for external use only, keep away from children ,store under shade and dry enviroment.
Availability:applicable for any skin.
Three : Peach blossom whitening smooth cream:
Efficiency:Slows synthesis of melanin to prevent formation of dark spots. fights againse factors that lead to hyper-pigmentation.protects skin from damage of pollution of UV rays.
Nourish skin, powerfully retain water, form moisturizing membrane, improve skin activeness, make sin tender ,beautiful and charming with high golss.
Usage: after facial cleaning and relaxing apply proper amount onto face, gently massage outwards along skin texture.
Caution:for external use only, keep away from children ,store under shade and dry enviroment


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