Natural Weight-Loss Formula--Lose weight fast, small side-effects

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Natural Weight-Loss Formula--Lose weight fast, small side-effects

Plant sources:Natural herbal ingredients
Traits:Light yellow powder, odorless, slightly bitter, soluble in wine and water.
Dosage:Adult dosage: 100-200mg/time,daily. 
Character:This product can be used for treating obesity which is invalid by diet and exercise. It can also be used for Weight reduction and maintenance.Treatment,low-calorie diet and exercise must be in conjunction.
Pharmacological:It can reduce food intake by promoting adipose decompose, shrinking intestines and stomach to make people easily to feel full. Also has a effect of aperient, nourish skin and tighten skin, It can make your skin delicate , tight, not flabby after weight loss.
Side effect:There is no Sibutramin side effects.such as Anorexia、defecate drier,etc. 
Appropriate Formulation:be made tablets, pills, hard and soft capsules, medicated wine and coffee , granule,chewable tablets , buccal administration, chewing gum and other dosage forms.


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