Fish protein concentrate

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Fish protein concentrate

Product Description:Fish Protein Concentrate can be prepared from any type of fish or fishery waste. It is prepared from fish by extracting out the oil, screening or settling out the bones and drying, so that the resultant product (Fish Protein Concentrate) is higher in protein *85% to 95 %) and lower in ash content than fish meal. Fish Hydrolyzate is similar to Fish Protein Concentrate, except that the oil and water hasn been removed. The fish protein is sometimes enzymatically hydrolyzed, using a combination of enzymes and acids, so that the bone can be more easily removed. The particle size of the Fish Protein Concentrate is smaller than fish meal and more uniform in color and texture. Do to the processing costs associated with producing this product it is more expensive than fish meal and is usually only used in human applications or for very specialized applications primarily in milk replacers. Since its oil content is low the problem of fishy taste occurring in the edible portion is less. 


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