Glutamine transaminase

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Glutamine transaminase

Product Description:the transglutaminase (Microbialtransglutaminase) is a catalytic protein (or within) between the acyl transfer reaction, resulting in a protein (or polypeptide) covalently cross-linked enzyme. 
 Glutamine transaminase, also known as the transglutaminase (TG enzyme) is composed of 331 amino MW about 38,000 having the active center of the monomeric protein, which may be catalytic protein polypeptide occurs intramolecular and intermolecular covalent crosslinking , so as to improve the structure and function of the protein, on the properties of the protein, such as: the foamable, emulsification, emulsion stability, thermal stability, water retentivity and gel capacity effect is significant, thereby improving the flavor of the food, taste, texture and appearance.


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