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Product Description:Naringinase is a debittering enzyme that is used in commercial production of grapefruit juice. It breaks down the compound Naringin in grapefruit juice that gives it a bitter taste. It is a multienzyme complex which possesses alpha l-rhamnosidse and beta glucosidase activity. The E.C. No.( of the naringinase and rhamnosidase are the same. It firstly breaks the naringin into the prunin, i.e. less bitter substances, and lastly it breaks the prunin in to the glucose. In this way fruit juice is debittered. Ram gene is a rare gene, it is found in very few microorganisms like some Bacillus species and mainly naringin is hydolysed by the Aspergillus Niger, but production of naringinase from the fungus is a difficult task as the growing rate is much slower for fungi than the bacteria.


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