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Product description:The company's dedicated research and development of beer clarifying agent - clearing enzymes, mainly by the papain, sorbitol, etc., using the latest technology to remove gum and other impurities in raw materials, high purity, good stability, transparency, and it can be widely used in the beer industry, beverages and medicine agents to improve the stability of beer.Protein polymer is  one of the main reason caused turbidity in beer production, it slowly along with the polyphenolic polymer compounds into the mist of turbidity, seriously affecting the appearance quality of the beer, after clearing enzyme, the enzyme clear in Papain can of beer in most of the proteolysis, resulting turbidity of the main components of damage, thereby enhancing the stability of beer to prevent chill haze of beer produced to extend the shelf life of beer. In addition, papain can effectively increase the amino acids in wort and beer foam to maintain properties, and will not produce the enzyme hydrolysis is usually due to the emergence of unpleasant bitter peptides. Enzyme after the end of the Qing in the fermentation to bottling the production stage before adding, add mix as soon as possible after, the reference amount: the beginning of the wine storage clear of enzyme per ton of beer dosage 10ml. 
Reduce the amount of malt:Because of higher prices of malt and beer production using malt instead of some materials, when materials add excessive, often make the malt enzymes provided insufficient, resulting in the decomposition rate of protein and starch, so that the poor quality of the production of wort, and ultimately affect the quality of beer. In order to improve wort quality, most effective way is when the increase in glycosylated papain, and amylase enzyme added to complete the necessary biochemical reactions. Add accessories for the saccharification process, usually by adding papain accessories ton 12 ~ 15g, amylase 1.5 ~ 2kg. In addition, in the saccharification process of adding papain to prevent chill haze of beer have also plalyed an important role.


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