Klenow Fragment (3>★5>exo-)

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Klenow Fragment (3>★5>exo-)

Specification:200 U, 1,000 U
Concentration:200 U---5,000 U/ml, 1,000 U---5,000 U/ml
Product description:Klenow Fragment, exo-, is the large fragment of DNA polymerase I . It exhibits 5'★3' polymerase activity, but lacks the 3'★5' and 5'★3' exonuclease activities of DNA Polymerase I. The 3'★5' exonuclease activity of the enzyme is eliminated by mutations in the 3'★5'-exonuclease active site.
Product application:
1.Random-primed DNA labeling
2.Labeling by fill-in 5'-overhangs of dsDNA
3.Strand displacement amplification (SDA

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